Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Hey guys I'm sort of back. Please check out my youtube channel cause i need more subscribers. So please please please check out my channel right here. Matt Rox
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Friday, January 10, 2014

NEW BLOG!!!!!!! :D

Everyone I started a new blog and if anyone likes the game minecraft then check out my second blog: And if you don't know what minecraft is learn about it and play it here: Please check out my other stories. Thank You Everyone.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Lost City of Atlantis

The legend of Atlantis all started in 3000 B.C, a beautiful city on an island. It was there for only 2000 years. Then in 1000 B.C. it all flooded, fell down and split in half. In 137 A.D. mysteriously the island was fixed but instead of it being on land it was under the water. King Neptune, the Ruler of the sea made a few changes to the place: he made it out of gold and he made a dome to protect the kingdom against enemies.
King Neptune married a princess and they had a son. His name was Triton. Triton was a boy who had a magical golden sword that could zap things. He learned all his spells from Neptune.
One day their enemies, The Sea Pirates planned to attack Atlantis. Luckily for Neptune he had the dome to protect everyone. Triton used his sword and hit the pirates’ ship and then the whole ship went BOOOOOOMMMMM!!!!!! “I will get you someday Neptune, SOMEDAY!” said the Pirates and they swam off. The kingdom was damaged a little. Luckily Neptune had a healing spell that fixed the whole place. Everyone thanked Neptune and Triton.
Later, Neptune made his kingdom out of diamonds and his dome stronger and he added a cannon launcher. It was getting nighttime then they all slept. Triton woke up early, snuck out of bed and went off to the pirates’ kingdom. He damaged half of it. The pirates went outside and were angry. They declared a battle. When they shot their cannons Neptune woke up and stormed outside. He got mad at Triton and grounded him from his sword.  Neptune launched the cannons and hit the ship. Triton just stood there and watched. The pirates shot the guns and it hit Neptune! “Dad, are you okay?” said Triton. Triton got so mad that he had to do one thing that he would never do. He got into the jet fighter and stormed off. He launched 3 missiles at the kingdom. It exploded. Then he launched the machine guns. Drrtttttttttt! The ship exploded and the pirates died. Everyone was so happy. Triton got the healing spell and healed Neptune. Neptune was proud. He gave him a 19-inch sword. Triton deserved it. The people all cheered,” Triton! Triton! Triton!”. He was very popular around the whole sea.
Sadly in 1912 the ship Titanic crashed into an iceberg, sunk and destroyed Atlantis. All there is left is this story about Neptune and Triton defending their kingdom.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The NBA Finals


Everyone heard about the basketball game Wizards vs. Fireballs and they were excited about it. They bought tickets and went right in. There were 5 min till the game would start. The game they were playing was is in the semi-finals. The Wizards were bringing the ball up. They passed it to the center that was Matt, Matt pivoted and shot but it bounced off the rim. The point guard Mike got the rebound, shot it and they scored. The Fireballs brought the ball up, they passed it to the forward, then the forward shot the basketball and the basketball became a fireball and the Fireballs scored. Mike brought the ball up, he passed it to Shawn the forward, then he passed it back to Mike, Mike passed it to Tyler the shooting guard, he dribbled up and did his lightning dunk. Everyone cheered. The Fireballs brought the ball up, they tried to pass it to the middle but Shawn got the steal dribbled hard up the court and shot his fireball and they scored. The score was 6-2. The Fireballs brought the ball up passed it to the forward then the forward dribbled the ball but Mike pushed him. It was a foul shot for the Fireballs. Their forward shot the ball and the ball went right in. Then when he shot it and it bounced off the rim and Matt got the rebound passed it to Mike, Mike passed it back to him, Matt dunked the ball with his lightning power like crazy. The Fireballs were losing 8-3. They brought it up, the point guard didn’t dribble the ball, and just shot it. It went in but it didn’t count. The point guard was angry. The Fireballs called a timeout. Their coach was very angry of what the scoreboard said. The point guard took a break and their coach said to calm down. The Wizards brought the ball up, they passed it to the center, the center pivoted and shot the ball which went in. Their coach was very impressed. Their point guard dribbled in and shot it. Mike brought the ball up. He passed it to the forward, the forward passed it back, Mike passed it to Matt and then Matt shot it but it bounced off and Mike dunked it. They heard the whistle. “ Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! It was halftime. They took a couple of foul shots then went back in. The Fireballs brought it in. They passed it to the center but Matt got the steal. He dribbled up passed it to Shawn and Shawn dunked it with the lightning powers. The Fireballs brought it up, but unfortunately the Fireballs forfeited the game. So the Wizards won 12-3. Then they had to play against the hardest team. The Knights. The Wizards were going to win. The Knights brought the ball up. The point guard shot it and they scored. Then Mike brought it up he passed it to Matt but the other team got the steal. They dribbled up and they dunked it. It was 6-0. The Wizards might not win. They dribbled it up, passed it to Matt and Matt dunked it. They ran back on defense. Their point guard passed it to their forward and Shawn got the steal and Matt got the pass and he shot it.6-4 for the Knights. They brought the ball up they passed it to the center, the center passed it back and then they shot and it bounced off the backboard. Mike got the rebound, dribbled up, passed it to Matt, pivoted and shot it. The Knights brought it up. Mike smacked the ball out of his hand and he heard a whistle. He knew it was a foul. The Knights’ point guard shot it and he missed. They were getting ready for the rebound. He missed again and Mike dribbled it up but someone tripped him. It was a foul. Mike took the shot. He scored the first one. The second one he missed but Matt got it and took the shot. The Knights were bringing the ball up but they heard the whistle for halftime. The Wizards’ coach was still impressed. They got back on the court. The Wizards were bringing it up. Mike passed it to Shawn, then Shawn passed it to Matt and he shot and scored. It was 11-6. The Knights took the ball, passed it to the forward and the forward dunked it. The Wizards were bringing it up. Mike passed it to Matt but they got a steal and the Knights shot it and scored. The Wizards’ point guard passed it to Shawn but they got the steal again. They passed it to the center and the center shot it and it went in. The Wizards brought the ball up, but the Knights stole it again and they passed it to the shooting guard who scored. 11-12 for the Knights. There were 10 sec left. The Knights tripped Mike. It was a foul shot. Mike got the foul shot and it went in. And the second one went in too!!!! The Knights brought the ball up but there was no more time! The Wizards won their first trophy. They were very happy. All of the Knights players were crying cause they lost. They all thanked Mike for his foul shots. Mike was proud of himself. He could only smile and laugh.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Magnus and King Théoden

It all started in Stockholm, Sweden where a little wizard was born. They named him Magnus the Wizard. He was a very talented boy who could do fire, ice and many more powerful spells. He was the best one in his class. When he was 10 years old he knew every spell in the world. He could even make things float and do a fireball. When he was 25 years old he moved to London. That was when he met Theo. Theo was hoping he would be king someday and his name would be King Théoden. One day he did become king. He decided to team up with Magnus. Together they were fighting the most powerful people in the world. Magnus made his fireball and released it to the bad guys. King Théoden called his troops to attack. When there were no more bad guys they went to their palace. It had a training room, Wizard Towers in case anyone attacked, an Archer Tower and 2 wizard guards. They were the most powerful people in the universe. They had the ability to call a fire-breathing dragon. When they wanted to attack, Magnus launched three potions in the air, which did a lot of damage, stole gold to get cannons and upgraded their Wizard Towers. Many people tried to attack them but they just got killed. King Théoden trained his troops and they won so much gold that they could upgrade their castles! They were very powerful. Once they upgraded their castle they got special things for their Wizard Towers. Since they were the most powerful people in the Universe no one attacked them except for Dark Knight. He thought he was the most powerful but King Théoden tried to destroy him. They tried everything they could but nothing worked. Magnus looked in his spell book and there was the most powerful spell ever. He flew in the air concentrating on the spell. Everything was quiet. Magnus said the words, launched the spell to the bad guy and it was so powerful that it caused an explosion. Magnus and King Théoden didn’t die since they had powerful armor. They would protect everyone forever and save the world from evil.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Soccer Champions!!!

Our team has won 10 friendly games in a row. We have only lost one single game when we played against Norwood White. All of the other matches we won except in the championship when we also lost one game. Our biggest match was against Kedron when we won 8-0. When we played against them for the second time we had to let them score because they haven’t gotten a goal in 14 games. The score was 2-1. The first game we played against Kedron I got two goals, one was a penalty and one was a free kick. When there was a free kick I kicked the ball over their heads! My team colleagues say that I have some kind of robotic foot. We scored against Glenolden two times. The first game we beat them 1-0. The next game we won 3-0. Three different people scored. We beat Prospect Park two times but both games were very close, first time we beat them 1-0 and second time 3-2. By the way, I play defense but sometimes I go into attack.  It was a corner kick and one of the Prospect Park defenders kicked the ball towards me. I went up to the ball and kicked it so high it went to the end of the net! I felt so proud of myself. We won against Norwood Blue two times. The first time I scored a penalty shot. The next game we won 2-0. We only scored against Norwood White one time. The score was 2-0. We beat Collingdale one time also. The score was 1-0, but I’ve got to admit Collingdale is a great team.

Last but not least the championship! I said to myself that I had to be a good defender if I wanted to win. We versed Glenolden first and we beat them 1-0, but they didn’t go out because it was a double elimination championship. Then we versed Norwood Blue. We won 2-1 but Norwood Blue scored first and I was very frightened that we may lose. I scored a penalty. The goalie looked scared and I kicked the ball on the left side. Then last but not least the Final. My teammate went up with the ball near the goalie and SCORED!!! 1-0 amazing! Somebody dribbled the ball from Prospect Park but suddenly I heard a whistle. It was the end of the game! No more playing time and we are the soccer champions!!!! For the first time I got my beautiful trophy. We celebrated by having a hot dog party. We played some soccer, went on the moon bounce, ate pretzels, got a bag of Doritos, it was great. Being a soccer champion rocks. I hope I’m going to be the champion next year as well.   

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Haunted House

It was Halloween night. Kids were excited to get in their costumes and get as much candy as they could. They went to different houses. Three kids were going to far places. One was named Michael, one was David and another one Andrew. They all got a lot of candy when suddenly they saw this spooky house. They knocked on the door but nobody came. So they went inside without any permission. The door shut by itself. The kids were scared. Then the lightning struck. They were terrified. Five zombies came moaning. “UUHH!!” On the walls there was a sign that said the zombie’s weakness was chocolates. The three kids had plenty of chocolates, so they threw chocolates at them. All of the zombies died. Next ten ghosts came. Their weakness was gumdrops. All the kids had gumdrops. But if they threw it at them it would just go through them. So they had to put it in their mouths! The kids were disgusted but they did it. Next came a gigantic spider. Its weakness was twenty marshmallows. Nobody had a bag of marshmallows. But suddenly somebody who was in the house had two bags of marshmallows. They had just enough. They threw it at the spider and the spider POPPED!!!! Out came 350 candy bags!! They were very happy once they got them. They ate a whole bag and it tasted delicious. Their Halloween was the best ever!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Best Summer Ever

My Summer started on June 15,2012. I got to do whatever I wanted to do.I could play on my PS3 and on the computer, and watched TV. One day I got the best birthday present EVER!!!! It was a PSP!! It came with a game called FIFA 11. My dad and I went to Gamestop and we bought a new game called Need for Speed. I kept playing that game. On July 18, 2012 we went to the Philadelphia International Airport. We were going to Romania. The bad news was that I lost the game FIFA 11 on the airport and that my mom wasn't coming with my dad and I. We left at 6:00. It was very cool in the plane because we were up in the sky and I saw a car that was one millimeter long. We were going to London first and then to Romania. We bought some things at the airport: a bag of Oreos,  Fanta and then we left with another plane. Then we got to Romania. I was very excited. We stayed in Bucharest for 2 days. Next we took a train to Ivesti. I met my grandparents and my dog Rex. He's very cute. I got to play with my friends. We played hide and seek almost every night, soccer and table tennis. My dad took me to a Fair where  I bought a fake gun. One of my friends got a fake sniper gun. But my gun broke so we didn't play anymore. Then I went to Bucharest and stayed there 2 weeks. Then I went back to the U.S.A. That's how I spent my summer vacation.